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Tim Reeve has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, complemented by ten years as a practising engineer. Prior to his involvement in the marine industry he worked on projects in the oil, gas and utilities sectors. Such projects provided control and monitoring systems for the automation of industrial processes ranging from the loading of rail fuel tankers to the pumping of gas into underground storage caverns and the treatment of water and sewage. Dr Reeve’s responsibilities included hardware and software design, testing and commissioning.

In 2008, Tim decided to combine his passion for the sea with his experience in engineering and establish Marine Electrics. As technology advances and equipment becomes increasingly complex, Tim has much to offer today’s boatowner. His knowledge and expertise, together with a sincere concern for safety at sea, ensure that work is carried out to the highest professional standard. He also follows the British Marine Electronics Assocation’s Code of Practice for Electrical and Electronic Installations in Small Craft.

Tim is assisted by his wife, Sarah. Sarah has a Higher National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is a qualified draughtsman. She has thirteen years’ experience in industry, both as a draughtsman and an electrical design engineer.